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About Zilla Panchayat Karwar

Chief Planning Officer

Chief Planning Officer [CPO] is appointed by Government who works under the Chief Executive Officer and assist him in implementing various Government programmes.

Present CPO
T. Shashidhar
CPO, Zilla Panchayat
Uttar Kannada District, Karwar

Functions of the Chief Planning Officer

The Chief Planning Officer shall perform the following functions;

  • Formulating Perspective Plan, Five Year Plan and Annual Plan for the development of district
  • Determining priorities for the District. Based on these priorities, allocating outlays to sectors/departments and ensuring outlays for some earmarked programmes
  • Guiding the District Officers in the formulation of suitable schemes in accordance with local needs and local resources in the framework of District Objectives
  • Finalising physical targets for various sectors in consultation with concerned Department
  • Identifying area for integration and ensuring their integration in the sectoral plans
  • Determining size of the Taluk Panchayat Sector outlay and distribution of the same among Taluk Panchayats on the basis of the objective criteria
  • Assisting in inter-departmental co-ordination, guiding the Taluk Panchayats in formulation of Taluk sector Plan and ensuring incorporation of the Plan proposals of Taluk sector plan in the District Plan
  • Assisting Gram Panchayats in the preparation of the Annual Development Plan and incorporating the same in the District Plan
  • Preparing the Action Plan of various schemes, including RD & PR schemes in consultation with field departments
  • Monitoring the progress of implementation of District Plan including achievement in targets, maintenance of time schedule and initiation of corrective action
  • Assisting in releasing the grants to various departments based on priorities and MMRs
  • Furnishing vital information concerning Planning to the Planning Department at the State level and creating the data bank at the district level with help of district level officers
  • Carrying out such assignments as are given from time to time by the State Level District Planning Division
  • To tour at least ten days in a month to closely monitor the implementation of various Plan programmes in relation to annual action plan, targets and achievements as per MMR & KDP and to know the bottlenecks and suggest suitable solutions to overcome the bottlenecks, if any. To invariably send the approved tour dairy to the Director, District Planning division
  • Any other work entrusted by the CEO, Zilla Panchayat
Manpower and Credit Planning Officer

The Manpower and Credit Planning Officer shall perform the following functions;

  • Preparing the Manpower Budget for the district. Identifying pockets of unemployment, period and nature of unemployment and formulating an employment Plan and dovetailing the same with the district’s development plan
  • Identifying and initiating training programmes in area suited to the district needs
  • Organising coordinated training programme for officers and personnel in the field cadres from time to time
  • Maintaining liaison with the Lead Bank of the district in the preparation of the credit plan for the district
  • Preparing Banking plan and credit plans for the district, taluk and ensuring mobilization of institutional credit through various financing agencies
  • Reviewing District Credit Plans
  • Integrating District Credit Plan with the District Development plan
  • Any other work entrusted by the Chief Planning Officer
Statistical Officer

The Statistical Officer shall perform the following functions;

  • Maintaining all statistical information Talukwise/Grama Panchayat wise relevant to Planning & Development and ensuring the updating of such data periodically
  • Maintaining benchmark data on important socio-economic aspects in “Grama-Namune” and updating the same every year
  • Reviewing and monitoring plan expenditure periodically
  • Preparing monthly review of the implementation of the plan programme in the district
  • Any other work entrusted by the Chief Planning Officer
Planning Assistant

The Planning Assistant shall perform the following functions;

  • Carry out such assignments as are entrusted from time to time by the Chief Planning Officer and other officers of planning unit of Zilla Panchayat

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