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About Zilla Panchayat Karwar

Chief Planning Officer

Chief Planning Officer [CPO] is appointed by Government who works under the Chief Executive Officer and assist him in implementing various Government programmes.

Present CPO
V M Hegde
CPO, Zilla Panchayat
Uttar Kannada District, Karwar

Functions of the Chief Planning Officer

The Chief Planning Officer shall perform the following functions;

  • Formulating Perspective Plan, Five Year Plan and Annual Plan for the development of district
  • Determining priorities for the District. Based on these priorities, allocating outlays to sectors/departments and ensuring outlays for some earmarked programmes
  • Guiding the District Officers in the formulation of suitable schemes in accordance with local needs and local resources in the framework of District Objectives
  • Finalising physical targets for various sectors in consultation with concerned Department
  • Identifying area for integration and ensuring their integration in the sectoral plans
  • Determining size of the Taluk Panchayat Sector outlay and distribution of the same among Taluk Panchayats on the basis of the objective criteria
  • Assisting in inter-departmental co-ordination, guiding the Taluk Panchayats in formulation of Taluk sector Plan and ensuring incorporation of the Plan proposals of Taluk sector plan in the District Plan
  • Assisting Gram Panchayats in the preparation of the Annual Development Plan and incorporating the same in the District Plan
  • Preparing the Action Plan of various schemes, including RD & PR schemes in consultation with field departments
  • Monitoring the progress of implementation of District Plan including achievement in targets, maintenance of time schedule and initiation of corrective action
  • Assisting in releasing the grants to various departments based on priorities and MMRs
  • Furnishing vital information concerning Planning to the Planning Department at the State level and creating the data bank at the district level with help of district level officers
  • Carrying out such assignments as are given from time to time by the State Level District Planning Division
  • To tour at least ten days in a month to closely monitor the implementation of various Plan programmes in relation to annual action plan, targets and achievements as per MMR & KDP and to know the bottlenecks and suggest suitable solutions to overcome the bottlenecks, if any. To invariably send the approved tour dairy to the Director, District Planning division
  • Any other work entrusted by the CEO, Zilla Panchayat
Manpower and Credit Planning Officer

The Manpower and Credit Planning Officer shall perform the following functions;

  • Preparing the Manpower Budget for the district. Identifying pockets of unemployment, period and nature of unemployment and formulating an employment Plan and dovetailing the same with the district’s development plan
  • Identifying and initiating training programmes in area suited to the district needs
  • Organising coordinated training programme for officers and personnel in the field cadres from time to time
  • Maintaining liaison with the Lead Bank of the district in the preparation of the credit plan for the district
  • Preparing Banking plan and credit plans for the district, taluk and ensuring mobilization of institutional credit through various financing agencies
  • Reviewing District Credit Plans
  • Integrating District Credit Plan with the District Development plan
  • Any other work entrusted by the Chief Planning Officer
Statistical Officer

The Statistical Officer shall perform the following functions;

  • Maintaining all statistical information Talukwise/Grama Panchayat wise relevant to Planning & Development and ensuring the updating of such data periodically
  • Maintaining benchmark data on important socio-economic aspects in “Grama-Namune” and updating the same every year
  • Reviewing and monitoring plan expenditure periodically
  • Preparing monthly review of the implementation of the plan programme in the district
  • Any other work entrusted by the Chief Planning Officer
Planning Assistant

The Planning Assistant shall perform the following functions;

  • Carry out such assignments as are entrusted from time to time by the Chief Planning Officer and other officers of planning unit of Zilla Panchayat

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